Television and Film

  1. Today with the time-shifting and recording, people have the possibility to watch a film, series, a movie and so on whenever they want to. It is a great change in people’s life because certain are busy workers and they cannot watch a program. With time shifting and recording, everyone can watch again, rewind and fast-forward.
  1. The tyranny of digital distance occurs when “the potential for, and indeed expectation of, near-synchronous global distribution of media are not fulfilled due to arbitrary boundaries which began as geographic but are now entirely in the economic and political domains.” (Leaver, 2008) In fact, time-zone is creating a digital distance. the tyranny of digital distance leads to illegal downloads.
  1. Transmedia Storytelling is mainly movies for example produced in many other media like books, games an so on. I’ve watched Harry Potter, Fifty Shades, the Three Little Pigs and many other movies where elements of Transmedia Storytelling are present. In fact, it has many advantages and it permits to engage more audiences as we all live in a Transmedia world.

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