1. Nowadays, we live in a revolutionised world. Technology has improved everything and people have the possibility to make whatever they want online. In fact, the form of media is different from the past: in the past years, music was recorded on compact disc, walkmans, MP3 and many others. However, today music is recorded on new formats like Ipod, mobile phones, tablets and so on. Today Napster which is a pioneering peer-to-peer file sharing Internet service, has permitted to improve sharing audio files, such as music that are encoded in MP3 format.
  1. Music firms are trying to protect the value of their assets. They are facing the copyright infringement and the loss of distribution. Consumers are becoming producers and they form part of the participatory culture, they are prosumers.
  1. Radio is now a dying form in the face of Ipods, Iphones and so on because now people are consuming music in another way and they are free to create a programme and share it freely. “‘Podcasting’ allows anyone with a PC to create a ‘radio’ programme and distribute it freely, through the internet to the portable MP3 players of subscribers around the world. Podcasting not only removes global barriers to reception but, at a stroke, removes key factors impeding the growth of internet radio: its portability, its intimacy and its accessibility.” (Berry 2006)

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